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This is the icon community of latine. Before this, there was merleicons for this purpose, but I got tired of logging in and out from my personal journal and my icon journal. Here you will find all kinds of graphics: icons, headers, banners etc.

If you want to take my icons, I would prefer if you followed certain kinds of rules. They aren't many, but they exist for a reason.

1. Credit. Yep, unfortunately you stumbled with a credit freak. It's not that difficult; all I'm asking is for you to credit this journal. Don't know how? Here's a tutorial for you.

2. No hotlinking. This has caused lots of trouble with other icon makers, so I would politely ask you to don't do it. Thank you :)

3. Comment. Okay, this may not be a rule but I love them. Seriously. They make every icon maker happy.

4. Altering unless stating that they are bases. I really take time doing my graphics and I wouldn't like at all seeing them altered.

5. Steal. Just don't.

If you're still curious, here's an excellent manual written by teh_indy. It's really helpful :)


Joining or watching the community would make me so happy. Seriously. I love people who like my icons :D

If you, by any ..weird chance, would like to nominate one of my icons, please, please let me know. They are wonderful :)

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